Bonne nouvelle

Moi : Sonia, j'ai une bonne nouvelle. Dans mon livre (alias "Fictions n°3" qui relate une interview d'Alan Moore dont vous avez un extrait ci-dessous), il est écrit que l'on sait qui est Dieu. en fait, c'est Oui-oui (Noddy en anglais) !
Sonia : Maman, est-ce que l'on a déjà vu Dieu en dessin-animé ?
- Non
- Et Oui-oui ?
- oui !
- Alors maman, tu vois, c'est pas possible :-)

I once heard an anecdote about a contemporary magician who decided to put this principle to the test by adopting a belief so strange that nobody could possibly mistake it for reality and then seeing what happened. The belief he decided to go with was that Noddy, the little toy-car driving and belied-hat wearing protagonist of Enid Blyton's children's books, was in fact the absolute creator of the Universe and the God of all Gods. Within a couple of weeks he abandoned the experiment in alarm, finding himself upon the brink of conclusively proving that Middy was the Supreme Being. He'd come across magazine articles showing freshly discovered cave-drawings of an obviously sacred figure wearing what appeared to be a tall pointed hat with a little bell on the top. He'd read an interview with Enid Blyton herself in which she described a strange vision that had come to her while under the influence of gas at the dentist; in which she had been whisked across the Universe at the speed of light to meet God himself, although he couldn't describe the details of their conversation. This, along with a whole mess of other stuff and previously hidden meanings in Bible passages (Cain is banished to the Land of Nod in Genesis, for example), seemed to indicate that Nod was God and Enid Blyton His prophetess.


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